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The Justifications for US Imperialism – Walter Block

There are numerous arguments offered in support of U.S. imperialistic policy. It is not for nothing that America has about 1000 military bases in some 160 foreign countries.  These justifications, although all of them specious, must have at least some significant power.


One case in favor of foreign interventionism is that the North American colossus must “export democracy” to the backward nations of the world. The difficulty with this is that soldiers are stationed in many nations that are fully democratic. Another awkwardness is U.S. policy toward Egypt. The Al Sisi regime overthrew democratically elected Mohamed Morsi. Did the U.S. sever all relations with Egypt; at least stop all foreign aid to it in protest? To ask this is to answer it. Of course not. So, democracy is merely a veneer for U.S. action. And, a good thing too, since Hitler (the real one, not any near eastern pretender) rose to power not through a coup de etat, but via a thoroughly democratic process. Also putting the kibosh on this argument is Hans Hoppe’s magnificent book, Democracy – The God That Failed: The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order. Read that and weep, all those of you who support the U.S. military prancing all over the globe to bring democracy to the heathen.

Remember the hanging chads in the Florida? How would people in the U.S. like it if battalions from Albania, Argentina or Australia invaded our country in order to repair our pitifully low level of democracy? Not too well, but the powers that be in this country do not cotton to us placing ourselves in the moccasins of others, particularly those of foreigners.

World’s policeman

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So now that Israelis have murdered a Palestinian child, does this mean that Palestinians can raid Israeli towns to find the perpetrators? Does it mean we can demolish their families’ homes? Does it mean we can rain hellfire on Tel Aviv? 

Fuck Israel!

Up the ass and without lubrication …

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